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Compass Oil Amenity

Company Profile

Compass Oil Amenity. Is a local oil and gas trading company. With our globally located oil and gas product, we strive to meet local demands of energy products in the countries we deliver services to. We are expanding and growing fast with current working presence in Dubai and GCC.


Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is a prerequisite for a sound and sustainable company, and is built on openness and equal treatment of all investors. Our governing structures and controls help ensure that we run our business in a justifiable and profitable faith to the benefit of partners, customers.​We are an local business company with a governance structure based on International Business Companies in Oman. Our objective is to engage in drilling services, (Directional Drilling & MWD Services) drilling equipment rental and deposition problem on the downhole equipment and production string, transportation, refining and marketing of petroleum and petroleum bi- products, and other forms of energy products, as well as engage in other business activities not prohibited under international laws or laws of the countries we do business.


Providing competitive services solutions through efficient technology, to gain the highest level of customer satisfaction, while nurturing sustainable business relationships


We will innovate and adopt the latest trends to be the leading integrated service provider in the regions we operate



We strive to remain committed towards our goals, objectives and targets


We commit ourselves in being honest and ethical in all our actions carried out


- We support each other’s work and strongly collaborate as a team


We encourage creative and disruptive ideas for providing effective integrated services solutions to our customers


We foster long standing relationship with our employees, vendors, service providers and customers